Welcome to Praycard Publications

Praycard Publications offer you a profusion of religious items, including around forty “praycards” and as many images, all of Roman-Catholic inspiration.

What is a “praycard”?

A “praycard” is a full-colour plastic-laminated pamphlet (also called a “trifold”) measuring 8.5 inches high by 4.25 inches large (17.5 inches large when fully open). Most of our praycards are wonderfully illustrated novenas. They are designed to inspire high levels of piety and love of God. A praycard generally lasts one a lifetime. It is therefore useful for repetitive use, whether on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You can always rely on your good-old praycard, come what may.

People use them for private use or for praying together in groups, at church, for retreats, etc. They also make beautiful gifts, for Christmas, birthdays, religious life jubilees, etc.

Our images

Of the same quality, our “images” cater more to the apostolate zeal of people, who distribute them free of charge in all sorts of ways: by inserting them in their greeting cards, whether for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc.; in hospitals ; in prisons; in schools, in churches, etc. As we sell them at wholesale price, this kind of apostolate is quite affordable and efficient. Practically-sized, most of which 2.75 inches large by 5.5 inches high, these images carry a corresponding prayer at the back.

For over twenty years, our clients have relayed to us countless testimonies of forgiveness, healing and conversion following the propagation of these images, which they have blessed by a Catholic priest before offering them.

How to order

To order, simply fill out the order form and email it in at praycard@praycard.net, fax it in toll-free at 1 877-787-0190 or call it in toll-free at 1-888-246-7729. From there, we calculate applicable taxes, shipping and handling according to delivery address, weight, size, and service (regular = one week to ten days; Xpressport = three to four days; Priority = one to two days). Then, client choses desired method of payment (Mastercard/Visa; mailing in a cheque or money order to Praycard Publications, P.O. Box 79205, Gatineau, QC, J8Y 6V2, Canada; or in person – cash or other). Once payment is received, the order is shipped. Please note that most of our products have past company addresses printed on them, and that only the Gatineau address is valid.

Who we are

We, Isabelle and Ward O’Connor, are practising Roman Catholics. We were married in 2009 in our parish church, St. Philomena, in Montcerf-Lytton, in the Diocese of Mont-Laurier, in the province of Quebec, Canada. We were long-time clients of the company, and, in 2005, we became the new owners, taking over from the founder, Mr. Jean-Pierre Dodge. We have 4,000 active clients in North America. We develop new products each year, of which the most recent is our “2014 Canadian Liturgical Agenda”, i.e. the first-ever, and only, all-Canadian liturgical day-planner.